Words From The Write Side of My Heart

Liltera R. Williams
About this book

Which side of the heart do you rely on to speak the truth when expressing yourself? Following the success of her first poetry collection, author Liltera R. Williams continues her quest to reveal her emotions in raw form. Words from the Write Side of My Heart picks up where Amateur Thoughts: A Personal Collection of iWrite Poetry & LRW Quotes left off, including vivid descriptions of her most recent personal experiences and outstanding accomplishments over the past year.

There’s no “write” or wrong way to present poetry, so Liltera has developed her own style as a Motivational Poet, respectfully dismissing the characteristics of an average Spoken Word Artist. Still delivering the LIVE YOUR DREAM message but with few, minor creative twists, her latest collection of poetry is authentic and purposeful, leaving a significant mark where indescribable sensations are felt the most.