Tears Turned Into Purpose

Aline Milfort
About this book

Tears Turned Into Purpose is a mini memoir that strongly delivers a message of triumph. As a young survivor of numerous personal, medical, and spiritual challenges, Author Aline Milfort aims to share the wisdom that she has gained from overcoming each respective attempt at defeat.

Through it all, she never lost her faith, which is a testament to her cherished relationship with God and the power of prayer. This fresh offering of unfiltered truth, combined with heartfelt advice, will spark an increased level of perseverance, while encouraging those who may be experiencing a present struggle to never give up, no matter how hard it gets.

Tears Turned Into Purpose proves that there is a miraculous outcome at the end of every trial, but only for those who endure with confidence. Be inspired by this seemingly unbelievable testimony, a true example of how a tenacious spirit manifests from back-to-back, life-altering tragedies.