Etrec J. White

About Etrec J. White

Author Etrec J. White creatively uses his initials to describe himself as Expressive, Jocund, and Witty. He’s been writing since age 9, inspired by personal life events and often pulling topics from random discussions.

Writing became a constant outlet once he realized his potential during English class in 4th grade. Etrec’s teacher, Mrs. Searsy, complimented him on his beautiful handwriting and challenged him to write a short story. After completing the assignment, his work soon began to speak for itself, revealing hidden emotions and eventually allowing him to confront fears and express himself in a way that was uncommon to those he knew.

With his daughter as his muse, Etrec bravely addresses every challenge with his pen and his faith. The Other Side of the Door (Volume I: Reflections) is his second collection of poetry, but with over one thousand poems already written, there’s definitely more to come.

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